“A passion for safety, problem solving and producing fast quality results.”

“Welding and fabrication is more than a passion, it is a drive for excellence, striving to be the best contractor, setting the bar high and teaching people along the way. We look forward to working with you on your new or existing project and thank you for your consideration!”

– Juan Lopez II

The effective choice when it comes to contractors..

Why Coastal Turnaround?

Most contractors put under qualified personnel, such as family members, friends and those new to the industry (which is no secret) in positions they are not qualified or knowledgeable in. This simple and reoccurring mistake can be detrimental to a projects deadline in many ways. That is, rework, unsafe working conditions, subpar work, hazardous/dangerous situations of personnel is usually the result. This can be a costly disaster for the contractor, client and reputation with the community. In fact, it is a major problem with average complacent contractors and what Coastal Turnaround aims to be different. We pledge to heavily vet and train our employees, to us reputation and quality is everything.

Efficient Employee’s

We work around the clock to bring our clients the most efficient solutions now and in the future. But we can’t take all the credit, success is in having the brightest and passionate problem solving individuals on our team. This is why our employees are treated with the outmost respect, they are our most valuable asset. Furthermore, our vow to take care of employees with paid lunch hours, time off, luncheons and awesome giveaways because when you take care of employees they take care of business!

Pledge to Safety

Being the fastest and efficient should not come at the cost of personal safety. That being said, having an incident free turnaround is an equally important aspect of our success as a team. Leading by example and listening to our employees is how we produce honest results. Again, our employees are our number one asset and they can rest assure that their personal safety is always our number one priority.